2000 - Present

Songs of Paradise, The National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene, 2001

“Chief among the merrymaking cast is the richly comic Spencer Chandler…” – Lawrence Van Gelder, The New York Times

“…memorable: Spencer Chandler brings a skilled comic presence…to the zany proceedings.” – Donald Lyons, New York Post

“…it is Chandler who is most gifted at the wild slapstick.” – Ted Merwin, The Jewish Week

“…impersonated deliciously by Spencer Chandler, who despite the ensemble structure of the show dominates it with canny humor and high spirits…beautifully rendered by the multitalented Chandler.” – Martin Denton,

“…comically blessed…a real hoot.” – Jewish Standard

The Adjustment, Penguin Rep, 2003

“Spencer Chandler adapts deftly to five roles.” – Alvin Klein, The New York Times

ART, Worcester Foothills Theatre, 2002

“Spencer Chandler’s Yvan hilariously wilts under the same mental and verbal strains.” – Richard Duckett, Worcester Telegram & Gazette Reviewer

“Spencer Chandler’s Yvan gets to have the most fun; if it’s a circus, he’s the clown.  His tirade over the wedding invitations is worth the price of admission itself.” – Missy Nicholson, Worcester Magazine

Second Chances, Theater for the New City, 2002

“Spencer Chandler, whose work at the Folksbiene Theatre has been consistently excellent, achieves the same high standard with his performance here as Sam – a layered, compassionate portrayal of a man trying to rescue himself from family conflict and resentment.”  – Martin Denton,

Pre 2000

Spencer Chandler in A Klezmer's Tale
As Yoshke in A Klezmer's Tale, NYC

A Klezmer’s Tale: Yoshke Muzikant, The National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene, 1999

“Well acted…funny…altogether convincing…” – Lawrence Van Gelder, The New York Times

“Best of all is Spencer Chandler as Yoshke, perfectly capturing all of that character’s wistful, dreamy optimism, his joy, and his sadness.” – Martin Denton,

“Yoshke the fiddler, played with great charm and pathos by Spencer Chandler…” – Daniel Schifrin, The Jewish Week

“Spencer Chandler is an appealing Yoshke…” – Irene Backalenick, Back Stage

“Played with talent and elan…a great find for the Folksbiene.” – David Ragav, Yiddish Forward

The House on MacDougal Street, Wings Theater, 1996

“Honors go to Spencer Chandler in six roles, including the nerd and several foreigners, with whose accents he excels…” – Stewart Benedict, Michael’s Thing